Family Foot Care Offers the Senior Community Convenience and Ease

Family Foot Care is an internationally recognized provider of specialized, professional foot and ankle care for the elderly. With offices in Hackettstown and Berkeley Heights, NJ, Dr. Gary Quartello, DC, a nationally recognized pediatric specialist, provides a wide variety of in-house diagnostics, treatments and services to help seniors maintain their overall health and mobility, while keeping their feet and ankles comfortable and stress free. It is estimated that over seventy percent of American adults suffer from some level of foot pain or discomfort, as the aging process occurs at a rapid pace.

The elderly are more likely than the young to suffer from foot problems. With increasing years and life experience, the elderly may also be more susceptible to developing certain foot problems. The elderly are more likely to develop bone fractures, degenerative changes of the joints and ligaments, and even conditions related to obesity and diabetes. While these conditions are treatable by modern medical science, the elderly may be at a greater risk of developing these problems from inadequate foot care.

In-home foot care for the elderly is one of the most important parts of comprehensive healthcare. When the elderly can manage simple tasks with minimal assistance, they will have a greater chance of staying in their homes, rather than in a nursing home or rehabilitation center. Additionally, when the elderly can carry out daily activities such as shopping and cooking, they will be less likely to experience pain or injury, and will be able to live a full, quality life longer.

Foot pain or discomfort is typically caused by a lack of appropriate footwear. Most individuals, regardless of their age, can benefit from a pair of comfortable, supportive, and secure shoes. There are a variety of different types of shoes for the elderly, depending on the type of condition and severity of the problem. One of the most commonly recommended shoes is the double-thonged shoe, which can help prevent and control pain and injury to the foot. The best time to invest in a pair of high quality footwear is prior to the onset of symptoms of any foot pain or injury. A well-fitting pair of shoes will help to reduce pressure on the foot, protect against injury and promote better circulation.

Many elderly are not able to walk on their own due to a variety of factors, including arthritis, bursitis, corns, bunions, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints, among others, but the elderly can still benefit from an in-home foot specialist to provide proper foot care. This will provide the patient with a better quality of life, as well as the opportunity to perform daily activities without the pain and frustration of pain. Some of the most common pain relief methods include chiropractic manipulation, therapeutic exercises, ultrasound therapy, and physical therapy. If the doctor determines that the problem is related to an underlying issue, he or she may recommend other more complex treatments, such as acupuncture and traction. The patient should be referred to an experienced pediatric specialist to help determine the best course of action. In-home podiatric practitioners will be able to perform tests to assess the problem and give recommendations for a proper diagnosis.

Family Foot Care has been providing quality care for years in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. With over five decades of service to their patients, the family of a senior is assured that they are receiving expert service at an affordable price.

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