Commercial Locksmith in Florida

It’s never a good idea to leave a large number of keys inside a building or establishment, even if you only use one or two keys at a time. Using a non-professional locksmith to help with the process could lead to serious consequences. While this kind of situation may occur from time to time, it’s also a sign that you need to hire a quality Commercial Locksmith in Maitland FL to help protect and secure your property. Here are some key points to consider when selecting a locksmith to help you with your needs.

Commercial Locksmith

Commercial Locksmith Services Commercial Locksmiths install new locks on Commercial property for all kinds of reasons. They may be hired by an owner of a business to help with the installation process. Owners often have issues with lost keys, stolen property, or other types of emergency lock issues. While it’s certainly not recommended to leave your valuables out in plain site, hiring a Commercial Locksmith in Miami FL to help install new locks is often the best course of action. They can also help with all kinds of emergency lock repair needs.

Key Pins and Tension Wrench Commercial Locksmiths install Commercial Locksmith keys and tension wrenches, which are used to attach the keys and tension wrench to the lock itself. Keys can be either tension or push as needed. They’re designed for strength and are difficult to damage or misplace. A Commercial Locksmith in Hialeah FL will be able to tell you the exact make and model of the key or tension wrench you need based on the type of door, window, or other security securing device. Make sure the Commercial Locksmith you hire uses appropriate key pins and drivers for the make and model of the door you have installed.

High-Security Locksmith Key Systems Protects your business, personal belongings, and valuable items by installing an effective high-security locksmith key system. Commercial Locksmith companies can design custom-key systems for many applications including: high-volume banking, access control, employee identification, electronic door locks, database security, on-site or off-site manufacturing, real estate property protection and more. Key system installations don’t require the services of a trained professional and Commercial Locksmiths use the latest technology to ensure maximum security for your clients and valued items.

Master Key versus Non-Master Key Commercial locksmiths utilize a master key which enables them to open all locks within a specified time period. The master key must be given to them before they can begin working on a locksmith’s job. Having the master key enables business owners and employees the ability to open all doors within the business or residence without having to be presented with a badge or ID. If employees know they can go through the doors of their facility with the master key, they are far less likely to lose or forget the master key. Most importantly, not having to provide identification causes for lost time while waiting on an emergency call. Master locksmith companies make it possible to set the level of security you desire.

Non-Master Key Commercial locksmiths provide a second level of security, which is often not needed by businesses or residence houses. Commercial Locksmiths provide non-master keys, but may also have access to master keys and access cards. Having access to these keys and cards gives non-licensed locksmiths access to locked areas in order to perform emergency repairs. They do not have to present identification. However, non-licensed locksmiths cannot re-key existing deadbolt locks.

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