Towing Springfield MO – Viper Bite Towing and Recovery

When you are in need of Towing Springfield MO, you may not know where to turn. You may think of a local towing company, but it can be difficult to locate one in downtown Springfield. There is one tow zone that’s marked “tow zone” on its signs, but it’s actually located on the wrong side of the street. On the same night, five drivers were towed from that lot. Towing Springfield MO is an important service in such an emergency, so it’s crucial that you call ahead for help.

Viper Bite Towing and Recovery is located at 1901 W. Division St., Springfield, Missouri. The owners were arrested last week after a police report alleging theft from the business. Both owners denied wrongdoing and said they would hire an attorney to defend themselves. The company cannot legally tow cars that don’t have valid license plates, because only police officers are authorized to issue tickets and impound cars. It has to be able to do so.

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