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Whether you need physical therapy for your back, neck, or shoulder pain, you can find a qualified clinician at Results Physical Therapists Huntsville AL. These doctors specialize in treating more than 100 different conditions. From headaches to shoulder dysfunction, knee and ankle problems, and even scoliosis, these therapists have you covered. Their staff of highly-trained PTs is specialized in orthopedic surgery and offers a wide range of rehabilitation classes and exercises.

After earning a doctorate of physical therapy (DPT) degree, physical therapists can choose to pursue additional education to become board-certified clinical specialists. This certification provides additional skills and knowledge, and enhances the practitioner’s ability to meet the demands of their clients. In order to be board-certified, physical therapists must complete an intensive, hands-on training program. In addition to a DPT degree, licensed physical therapists may also complete a fellowship.

To become a licensed physical therapist, candidates must obtain a doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree and pass the state licensing exam. The program typically takes three years. While DPT programs may differ slightly in length, students should look for one that feels the most comfortable. Interviews with recent graduates and current students are an excellent way to find out what life is like as a graduate. While applying to DPT programs, you can use the centralized application service to submit a single application to several schools.

Upon obtaining a DPT, candidates can choose a specialty. Some physical therapists choose to specialize in a particular area of practice and pursue a residency program or fellowship. A residency program allows a student to build upon a broad foundation of professional education and practice, while also providing a theoretical foundation for advanced practice and scientific inquiry. However, a doctorate is not required. Many DPT programs do not require you to be certified.

Applicants should choose a DPT program that meets their personal requirements. The typical DPT program is three years long. Shorter programs may allow a person to enter the field sooner, which will reduce the total cost. When choosing a DPT program, it is important to select a school that is home to you. Talk to current students and recent graduates and even interview with employers who hire new graduates. If you’re not sure yet, consider using the centralized application service.

The average DPT program is three years long, but some programs can be as short as one year. A short-term DPT program can lower the overall cost of the degree and allow a student to enter the field faster. It is important to choose a program that feels comfortable with your goals and your lifestyle. In addition to asking questions, you can interview recent graduates or current students of the school. The centralized application service is a great tool to use when applying to multiple DPT programs.

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